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May 06, 2021

Anxiety and penis size are the terms that are associated with each other. It’s perfectly normal to have penis envy, at some point in your life.

It’s common for every young man going through puberty to have anxiety about penis size, masculinity and sexuality.

Once your penis is fully-grown, to an average size of about 5.5 to 6.2 inches long (when erect), you have three options regarding what you do about your penis size anxiety…

You can:

A : Do nothing – and do your best to pretend that the dimensions of your dick don’t get you down

B : Save up your money for a risky cosmetic surgery procedure that offers no guarantees that your penis will be any bigger

C : Use high quality male enhancement products, like a penis pump, to boost the length and girth proportions of your manhood.

What Is The Average Penis Size and Penis Size Anxiety?

Even though you may not think that you’re packing a penis that is big enough, normal and average pens size is about 5.5 to 6.2 inches in length, with 4.59 inches in girth, when erect. The ‘average’ penis size is more than adequate to perform the task of reproduction.

The guy who flaunts a pendulous flaccid dick in the locker room can thank his pa’s genetics, and the level of hormone exposure during his mom’s pregnancy, for his impressive penis size.

If you have penis anxiety, or insecurity, because your dick measures under 3 inches when fully erect, you may have the condition known as micro-penis.

Consistently obsessing about the size of your penis could result in you suffering from   penile dysmorphic disorder (PDD).

There are however practical measures that you can take to help you overcome your extremely common small penis anxiety. Ignoring your concerns is never a good idea. The more you obsessively worry about your penis, the more likely you are to develop a sexual dysfunction.

A penis pump is a non-evasive device that was invented by Dr John King back in 1870, and is still widely recommended by medical practitioners as an excellent male enhancement tool to overcome erectile dysfunction (ED) and Peyronie’s Disease (bent penis).

Although Dr King invented the penis pump, it’s Geddings Osbon that is credited with creating modern vacuum therapy for ED.

If you’re looking online for effective ways on how to increase penis size and get rid of small penis anxiety, a penis pump may help grow your penis.

Since its invention, the penis pump has undergone many design adjustments. The basic and rudimentary design of the original manual mechanical therapeutic device featured a chamber coupled with a pump.

Modern electronic vacuum penis pumps are designed to boost penis size by increasing length and girth dimension temporarily. Top-of-the-range male enhancement penis pumps, like the Penis Enlargement Pump, include special features to make the user’s experience more comfortable and effective.

A hands-on penis pump really can increase penis size, and also improve the firmness and strength of your erections, and ejaculation control.

It’s vital that you let go of the belief in the stereotype that only older men have erectile dysfunction or concerns about penile matters, as these issues can affect all ages of the male population.

And if you’re a lucky guy who is more than happy with his dick size, a penis pump can give your penis the extra pep to enjoy greater sexual gratification.

Before you slide your dick inside the transparent cylindrical chamber of a penis pump, it’s a good idea to have some insight on how does a penis pump works to make your penis bigger.

A penis pump draws an increased amount of blood into the spongy erectile tissues of the penis by means of a vacuum. As the air is sucked out of the chamber, blood is drawn into your penis, making it grow in size – creating a rock hard erection. It’s the amount of blood flow that causes the engorgement that’s required to achieve the proportions of enlargement.

Once you’ve achieved desired elevation proportions, you can slip on a cock ring to maintain the firmness for longer.

While you can increase the length and girth of your penis with a penis pump, it’s important to remember that the noticeable results are temporary. Although penis pumps may look like mechanical contraptions that are designed for penile torture, they are actually safe and easy to use.

Guys who regularly use a penis pump to increase penis size are more than satisfied with the results they achieve. They wave goodbye to their penis size anxiety, and say hello to a bigger dick!

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